Dear customers, 
Happy New Year! 
Thank you for your generous support over the years. As the increasing demand for raw herb materials by consumers of Chinese herbal products increases in China, the Chinese medicine granules manufacturers have suffered from low supply. The impact of low supply has been felt by some of the world's largest producers of concentrated herbal granules - including E-Fong Pharmaceutical Company - our supplier. As a result, we has not been able to meet customers' demand for some products.  In order to resolve the shortage issue, we have established a new relationship with Sichuan New Green Pharmaceutical. Sichuan New Green Pharmaceutical (NGP) herbs is one of the six licensed Chinese herbal product manufacturers in China based in Sichuan.   
At present, our NGP & Tianyi herbs has a ratio of 10:1 concentrated herbal granules in bottle form. Please pay attention to the dosage on the label when preparing the prescription. We have selected some popular items produced by Sichuan NGP with competitive rate to supply for the bottle herbal granule users. Please log into your online account or call us to learn more about Sichuan NGP products, if you are interested in the new produsts.. 
Thank you again for your support.
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