About E-Fong

E-Fong was designated as the premier experimental base by the Administration State of Traditional Chinese Herbs to lead research and develop the single Chinese herbal tea concentrated products in China, and was also designated as the first experimental manufacturer by the State of food and drug  administration in China. In the last  ten years, E-Fong has continually re-innovated the standards and technological process of manufacturing concentrated and has been the key contributor to the growing popularity of herbal teas. E-Fong strives to continue its success with its dedicated studies in Chineses community culturative effect, Herbal Tea single and mixed decoction, equivalence of quantity and effect have already received many achievements for its outstanding research.

           Today, E-Fong is a manufacturer known for its unparalleled drive towards safe, efficient, stable, and hygienic herbal tea production. E-Fong's herbal tea products and processes are all in strict accordance with GMP. E-Fong has obtained the site license by Health Canada and are compliant with the GMP Certificate by the Australian TGA and the Chinese SFDA (State and Food and Drug Administration).


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